The Weekender: Let's go to the Arcade Edition

The Weekender: Let's go to the Arcade Edition

Coming back from a holiday is always a bit of whirlwind of catch-up and trying to make sense of what happened while I was away. Turned out Apple Arcade happened, so now we have a whole new thing to look at and see what it brings to our favourite hobby. As essentially a friendlier home for premium games, I hoping we’ll see more of the games we really want flock back to iOS… although I know many have separate reservations about subscription models in general.

Since I wasn’t back until Wednesday the first half of the week was still being ‘covered’, which is why we had a couple of older list refreshes we hadn’t seen in a while and some news. The later half of the week was rounding off some gaps I wanted to fill. Mario Kart Tour is coming and we haven’t really talked about it much until this week, and then there was the Talisman DLC we missed out on from the end of August. Finally, I’m kinda digging Pokemon Masters at the moment, so you’ll see me doing stuff there.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

Apple Arcade

The biggest news this week doesn’t have anything to do with a single game, but many. Apple’s new premium subscription service Apple Arcade. It’s now been released into the wild where you can get access to a wide range of games for just $4.99 usd a month. Apple have around 100 games already in place for launch, and we imagine more will come. I might even need to add a new section to this column covering new Apple Arcade releases.

I’ve got Michael working on a new guide that’ll sift through some of the Arcade’s more desirable releases, but right off the bat you can get access to the likes of MiniMotorways (Mini Metro sequel), Cat Quest 2, Beyond a Steel Sky and Cardpocalypse, to name but a few.

iOS 13

We thought we’d also remind our iOS users of a bit of tech related news – iOS13 has also dropped. Anyone with an iPhone 6S or iPhone SE or newer phone will be able to get it.

Updates for GameCenter, the ability to use console controllers, Dark mode and more are part of the update, so make sure you have a poke around when you can to see what’s new. For the first time, this update is NOT being rolled out to iPads. Apple tablet devices are getting their own bespoke OS called ‘iPadOS’ which will have dedicated features – that’s due to drop at the end of the month on September 30th.

New Game App Releases

We’re a little behind catching up on new game releases this week, so while there are a few things worth highlighting I haven’t had a chance to take any of them for a spin or do a top-line overview. Still, these are the ones you should be interested in, and we’ll endeavour to get full reviews and/or in depth articles as soon as we can:

  • Through the Ages first expansion, Leaders & Wonders, is now available as an IAP on both Android and iOS for $4.99
  • This is the Police 2 launched on iOS and Android while I was away. While we weren’t as impressed with the first title, we’re hoping this sequel has stepped up it’s game. You can pick it up for $6.99 and we’ll have our full review done ASAP
  • Other games that have caught our eye this week are rogue-like dungeon crawler Undervault, and free-to-play card game Mythgard which has entered open beta.

Elsewhere, Football Drama is a soccer management game that darks a rather satirical take on managing a football team in modern times. It’s a more narrative driven experience, but actually involves both deck-building and turn-based tactical mechanics, so we’re very intrigued. It’s available on iOS and Android for $4.99 and is on our review list.

Updates & Sales

Rebel Inc. has received it’s fourth major update since launch, titled the ‘Azure Dam’ Expansion. It adds a new map (Azure Dam), a new Governor called the Development Director as well as a new mechanic that allows you to collect intel on specific regions to see if they’d like to see certain improvements rolled out to them.

Add on top of that the usual round of bug fixes and balancing, and this is a nice meaty update to get you back involved. The team have also said they’re not done with the game yet, and they’ll be plenty more content down the road.

We’ve missed quite a few sales and there doesn’t seem to be anything especially noteworthy this week. Nothing you haven’t seen before anyway, although I’m pleased to report an Android-specific discount, for once, as Rusted Warfare RTS is down to $0.99 on Android.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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