The Pros and Cons of the Concrete Use for the Foundation Repair Job

When it comes to San Marcos Rock foundation repair, you surely know that the choice of its main material is important. With so many options out there, why do you choose concrete? Did you know the pros and cons of the concrete usage for the foundation and any construction needs? Concrete is the result of a mixing of portland cement, water, and aggregates (sometimes additives, which vary greatly from chemical additives, fibers, to non-chemical waste) to certain comparisons. Since each material, including the concrete, has their own advantages and disadvantages, you should be careful in choosing the best one for your project. The following are the cons and cons of concrete, which you can use as the consideration when repairing the foundation.

The advantages of concrete are:

– The price is relatively cheap because it uses basic materials from local materials, except Portland cement.

– Concrete is both fire -resistant and wear-resistant so the cost of care is low.

– Concrete includes high strength compressive material and has resistance to decay/decomposition by environmental conditions.

– The size is smaller when compared with reinforced concrete or stone pairs.

– Fresh concrete can be easily transported or printed in any form and size depending on the desire.

Disadvantages of concrete are:

– Concrete has a low tensile strength, making it easy to crack. It is, therefore, necessary to have steel reinforcement or gauze reinforcement.

– Fresh concrete shrinks as drying and hard concrete expand if wet so the construction joint needs to be held on the long concrete to allow for shrinkage and the development of concrete.

– Hard concrete expands and shrinks when there is a temperature change so it needs to be made an expansion joint to prevent cracks due to temperature changes.

– Concrete is difficult to waterproof perfectly, so that water can always be entered, and water carrying salt content can damage concrete.

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