The early steps for applying your makeup

In order for makeup to stick perfectly in your face, you should clean face first before using makeup. You can wash your face with a clean face soap, then dry it with a dry towel. In addition, you can also wear cleanser to clean the dirt and oil on the face. If necessary, use oil absorbent paper before you apply the cleanser. To make the face feel fresh before self, do not forget to wipe the face toner to a clean face. In the meantime, check out the Hollywood Mirror online as well.

Use Foundation Evenly

Foundation or foundation should be worn earlier before you use other cosmetics. Whatever type of foundation you use, apply it evenly before you use a powder or concealer.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Rub the foundation to the entire face and neck. Rub it thinly, because it is too thick will give the excessive impression, so remember here you will only use a simple makeup instead of making up for the party.

Take advantage of Concealer to Cover Imperfections

After using the foundation throughout the face, now comes the time to mask the imperfections on the face. Foundation can only slightly disguise imperfections, such as acne, black spots, eye bags, or fine wrinkles. However, the foundation cannot cover it optimally.

Therefore, you need to use concealer to mask imperfections in some parts of the face. Avoid using concealer before foundation, because concealer will be erased if exposed to the foundation.

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