Aside from VGA and Processor, know these things before buying a gaming laptop

If you are a fan of AAA video games, it would not hurt you to buy a quality gaming laptop. However, before you choose one of the laptops in the market, make sure you know some important things besides the VGA and the processor that is on the laptop that you will buy. Apart from that, you might want to check out the best 13 inch gaming laptops online as well.

The weight of the laptop

One characteristic of gaming laptops is to have a sturdy body, large and heavy that is quite difficult a bit if taken anywhere. Surely this is because gaming laptops have the specifications and features that are rarely encountered on ordinary laptops such as more sophisticated cooling systems.

Although this is relatively trivial and indeed the consequences of buying a gaming laptop, it’s good you consider the weight of the laptop that you seek. We recommend that the weight of the laptop can be accepted and will not make you complain if you want to take it out of the house.


In this case, the memory is in charge of storing the game or progress of the game you play. Not only that, memory plays an important role to spur the game being opened can run smoothly and quickly without lag.

Basically, the memory contains 2 meanings of storage commonly known as HDD and SSD and RAM. Both have different functions but play an important role in making the game that opened running smoothly.

HDD and SSD have the function of storing games and therefore you should choose a large storage capacity as well. SSD has a faster read and writes speed than HDD with a more expensive price as well.

Battery life

Of course, playing games can make your laptop battery consumption increases. Therefore, you should choose a laptop with a battery capacity that you can rely on playing games in a long period of time such as 2 hours.

You should choose a laptop that the battery can be revoked making it easier for you if you want to replace it when damaged. Make sure you also do not use your laptop without batteries in charge because this can damage your device especially if the power goes out suddenly.