This Bronze Content On A Medal You Should Know

If you often see a live Olympics, you know that all the medals there are made of different content. However, the only material that is always used is a coin. You can use to create a medal you need for an Olympics.

Three types of medals commonly used in an Olympics are gold, silver, and bronze. In bronze medals, usually composed of 95% of copper with a purity content of 93.7% and 5% zinc content. In London 2012 games, the composition is slightly different because the copper there contains 97%, the contained zinc is 2.5% and the contained tin is 0.5%. However, for the Olympic medal in Rio, about 40% of the copper content is recycled materials and uses a copper tin that has been used in a coin-aging process. In terms of value, the bronze medal is much smaller than the gold medals and silver medals