These Two Things That Could Be The Cause Of The Internet In The World

As one of the things that are needed in the present, the internet connection must be stable so that all the work and activities you have can be completed properly. Visit to get the best connection from your internet even in rural areas though.

However, the thing you should know is that the internet could be dead and no more internet connections around the world. This could happen because

1. Damage of fiber optic cable
In addition to satellite, internet connections around the world are connected via underwater cable. So, when there is a broken cable, then, of course, the internet connection will be disrupted. Many things can cause the cable is disconnected, such as technical errors or another anchor.

2. The existence of an organization that controls the internet
The Internet Corporation dir Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the organization that allegedly organizes and ensures no same site name. If ICANN and DNS system is broken, then you will have difficulty in using the internet.