Reasons Why Must Use Mask While Riding Motor

If you ride a motor that many must be considered one of them must wear a mask. Apparently, the danger if you ride a motor does not wear a mask. For motorcyclists, other than wearing helmets, jackets, and shoes, masks are mandatory things to wear. You can get the best dusk mask on

Here are some reasons you should use a mask:

– Air pollution is getting crazy

Air pollution is now increasingly increasing. By driving the motor will make people very able to inhale the harmful particles of air pollution on the road. In the long term harm the health of tablets. Many toxic substances in motor vehicle fumes are very dangerous.

– Not wearing masks while driving a motor can cause depression

The initial features of air pollution are like flu, dizziness, shortness of breath, lung disease, cancer to depression. Wait! Depression? Yes! Hence why this is the concern of many parties if the motor drive must complete its attributes including MUST wear a mask. So this year the WHO took the global theme of “Depression: Let’s Talk” to commemorate World Health Day on April 7, 2017. By 2015, WHO recorded 4.4 percent of the world’s population suffer from depression. 3 million deaths per year due to exposure to air pollution with 90% of deaths occurring in developing countries. Indonesia alone has 3.7% of the population suffering from depression due to air pollution.

– Love Your Health

One use of the mask is to protect the lungs when breathing in air pollution. Preventing is better than cure, is not it? Imagine if you do not wear a mask you can breathe harmful particles in air pollution.

That is some reason why you should use a mask when riding a motorcycle. In addition to preventing particles of inhaled dust by you, you can also prevent depression. Soon visit our website to get the best dust mask now!