Identify Some Characteristics Of Quality Building Materials

To build a home foundation, of course, there are many things to watch out for. All of these things will affect the quality of the building. if you experience damage and cracks in some parts of the house, then you should use a fix slab foundation in order to get a strong foundation and quality.

Some of the building materials that should normally be used in the home are cement, sand, and so forth. There are some characteristics of these materials that have good quality and precise and in accordance with what you want. Some of the traits in question are

– Quality cement
This type of Portland cement is recommended to build a house commonly called Portland Pozzolan Cement (PPC). This type is made of hydraulic binder which is milled with gypsum and pozzolan material. This product can dry out in wet conditions though.
PPC is very appropriate if used for public buildings that require sulfate resistance and heat hydration such as highways and so on.

– Sand
Sand is a filler that when stirred with cement and added water will become a dough that is ready to use. If the sand is used to install the material, use varying sizes, mix it between soft and somewhat rough. Usually used size is 0-4 mm. It’s good to mix them in one blend. Characteristic of quality sand is not mixed with dirt, granules smooth, hard and sharp.

– Brick
Excellent soil material and excellent combustion greatly affect the quality of the bricks. The stone will be completely solid when used and made of the wall, this is to avoid the growth of moss and the fragility caused by the influence of the sun, rain and temperature changes. Characteristic of a quality brick is that when hit with a hammer will be heard a loud voice because it is solid.