pokemon masters reach for the sky sync pair scout rate

Pokemon Masters’ first event is live – increased scout rate for Blue & Pidgeot 5-Star Sync Pair

Free-to-play battler Pokemon Masters is only just out the door and it’s already pulled in over 10 million downloads. Further to that, we’re already getting the first event beyond the launch celebrations. This inaugural activity revolves around the sync pair Blue & Pidgeot, who have just been added to the game, and it comes in two parts.

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Pokemon Masters – Reach for the Top Story Event

With the launch of this new event, a new ‘Events’ section will have appeared in your ‘Explore’ tab within the game. The ‘Reach for the Top’ is a story-driven event centred around the Blue/Pidgeot sync pair.

Some things to note:

  • You need to have cleared Chapter 5 (Skyla & Swanna) of the main story in order to access this special event.
  • Your team composition will be fixed, so you can’t take who you want.
  • Sync Pair levels are also fixed, so it won’t matter what level your current roster is at – sync pairs featured in the event will be at a fixed level.
  • Sync pairs featured in the Story Event will be using different moves and abilities than what they have when Scouted and obtained by the player.

The event will come with the usual rewards for completion, such as gems, level guides etc…

Pokemon Masters – Blue & Pidgeot Scouting Rate

The other part of this event is to do with Scouting Blue & Pidgeot for use in your team. They are a five-star sync pair, and the scout rates have been altered during the course of the event to make it slightly more likely you’ll be able to pull him when you spend gems (paid or otherwise) in the shop.

pokemon masters reach for the sky sync pair scout rate

You’ll note from the image there’s still a pretty small chance of getting a 5-star sync pair in general, and then Blue/Pidgeot’s individual pull rate is only at 2%. The other 5-star pairs have dropped to a 1% pull rate, where-as all of the 4-star sync pairs are currently at 1.11% each (4-stars overall hold a 20% pull rate). You’re still more likely than not to pull a 3-star, since their global pull rate is still at 73%. Individual 3-star pairs are at 3.65% each.

If you want a more in-depth look at the tiers as well as guidance on things like re-rolling your account, check out this article. Please note that this event offering rate overrides the standard odds, although you can still access the old offering rate via the  ‘Guaranteed 5-star’ Launch Celebration option by swiping left/right in the Sync Pair Scout menu. They’re treated as separate purchase options, so make sure you purchase the right one as Blue/Pidgeot is NOT in the Launch Celebration section.

This event will last from now until 7am (BST) September 30th, 2019.

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