Most Popular Mobile Games in India

he Indian mobile games industry is growing at a rapid rate. It is one of the top five countries for mobile gaming in the world.

The industry is currently worth over $890 million (£680 million). It is estimated that the industry will be worth over $1 billion (£760 million) by 2020 and roughly have 628 million users.

A surge in mobile gaming is due to increased access to smartphones and the simplicity of obtaining a mobile game. One can download a gaming app to their phone at the tap of a screen.

Mobile gaming is increasing faster than console gaming due to cost. The average cost of a console in India is approximately Rs. 36,000 (£400), whereas the average cost of a phone is about Rs. 10,000 (£111).

Most Indian mobile gamers have Android phones because Apple phones are too expensive, therefore a lot of Android games are downloaded.

Let’s take a look at  the most popular mobile games in India and their features.


Callbreak Multiplayer

A trick-taking card game played between four players. The objective is to win each round by playing the highest card possible in the dealer’s chosen suit.

All four players bid a number of tricks that they must win to get a positive score. Incorrect bids result in a negative score.

Each game contains five rounds and points are added up for the first four rounds. Players set themselves a goal for the final round. The winner and runner-up are announced when the game finishes.

The winner is determined by the player who has obtained the highest number of points.

The multiplayer features are a major reason why Callbreak Multiplayer is one of the most popular mobile games in India. Multiplayer enables users to play against random online players and Facebook friends when the game is linked to a Facebook account.

Subarna Panthi said: “It’s a good and easy game, it’s a really great card game for passing the time.”

Callbreak Multiplayer achieved a rating of 4.4, based on 123,000 votes and is free on the Google Play Store.

Coin Master

Millions of players around the world battle against each other to build the best Viking empire possible.

A strategy game where coins are earned in different ways to build strong villages and progress through levels.

Defeating other players’ village and stealing their loot is one of the main objectives. This is to eventually have the strongest village and the most loot, hence becoming the Coin Master.

Playing against many different players is why many users enjoy the game. The ability to trade cards with the online community increases popularity.

Coin Master has an interactive Facebook community that is always growing and is used to earn in-game rewards and trade treasures.

Interacting with other players is why the game is extremely popular in India, which is why it is in the top 10.

8 Ball Pool

The number one pool game in the world can be played against friends and against random players from around the world.

Every game has a stake and in-game coins are wagered against your opponent. Win a game and all the coins are yours.

8 Ball Pool has a level system which allows higher ranked players to play against similar ability opponents for greater stakes.

Online gameplay has made 8 Ball Pool one of the world’s most popular mobile games. The ability to play against someone from anywhere in the world is why it is popular among mobile gamers.

Linking your Facebook account allows players to challenge their friends if playing against random players is not appealing to them.

People who are not big gamers enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool because it keeps users entertained for a long time. This has helped make 8 Ball Pool one of the top 10 most popular mobile games in India.

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