Grouting as A Solution for Concrete Slab Repair

Although technology is growing rapidly, human errors still occur frequently. Technology does contribute to the ease of human needs, including in building. Nearly 70% of human power is replaced with high-tech engine power. Things that can not be reached by humans can be reached by the machine for the work completed more quickly and efficiently. Including the Shreveport Foundation Repair, which uses new technology to work on projects. But in addition, they have professional workers as well as good service quality. One of the services provided is free foundation repair estimate.

Human mistakes that often occur in building construction is a porous concrete plate. To handle this requires special techniques. Recognize the shape of the piercing first before deciding to fix it. Because there are several techniques for fixing concrete slabs, so you do not misapply.

One form of concrete slab repair is by grouting. In principle, grouting is the application of liquid material into a gap or cavity that is difficult to reach with a high-pressure injection device. Grouting method can be applied to repair of the porous concrete plate with damaged or rusted reinforcement, especially in narrow and difficult areas. The liquid in the form of cement-based, epoxy, or good-quality grouting material.

The trick is Perform chipping action (as in the chipping & concreting method above) to the installation phase formwork. Make sure the formwork is able to withstand the material pressure to be injected. Plant inlet pipe and outlet pipe outlet control on formwork. Cover any gaps in the formwork with sealant material to anticipate the leak. Wait 24 hours for curing. Then do the injection with quality grouting material with appropriate pressure. After the injection is complete, cut the inlet ribbon and outlet. Once the mold is opened do curing the surface of the concrete, as usual, to avoid cracking. Perform checks before determining corrective actions, and do not forget to wear safety equipment.

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