Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons Tier List: The Best and Worst Assault Rifles Ranked

Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons Tier List: The Best and Worst Assault Rifles Ranked

Our Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons Tier List will help you decide which Assault Rifle is the best choice for you. The following is based on our time with the game, taking into account personal preference, statistics, and weapons that seem to be more commonly used than others. It might be that you prefer a weapon that’s lower on our list, and that’s okay. This is designed to help you find the weapon that’s right for you.

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Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons Tier List

Tier 1 Assault Rifles


The ASM10 is our favourite Assault Rifle, and takes our crown as the best in its class in the game. It’s not quite the king of any statistic, but it doesn’t have any weaknesses either. It deals respectable damage, has manageable recoil, and solid range and fire rate. The first three bullets have much higher accuracy too, so if you control your bursts you’ll have an unstoppable force on your hands.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
60 55 50 55 55

Tier 2 Assault Rifles


If you can control the recoil, the AK-47 is absolutely unstoppable. It’s got the best damage in its class, deals excellent damage at long range, and has a respectable fire rate. It’s easily one of the most difficult Assault Rifle to use though, due to that insane recoil. That’s the only reason it’s not in our Tier 1 group.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
70 55 45 60 65


The M16 is similar to the ASM10 in that it’s good at pretty much everything and is designed around that three round burst. That’s its only real weakness, though you’ll only really feel it in close quarters battles. It’s excellent at medium to long range, where its near non-existent recoil makes it deadly accurate. It’s only deals slightly less damage than the AK-47 too.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
65 45 60 60 60

Tier 3 Assault Rifles


The M4 is a supremely reliable Assault Rifle, and the best choice for beginners. What it lacks in damage and range it more than makes up for in accuracy. It shines at medium range, where you’ll easily manage the recoil. It could do with a range buff though, as right now it takes far too long to kill long range enemies.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range G-Series Perk
45 60 70 60 45 Increase movement speed slightly for a little while upon respawning.


The BK57 is like a weaker version of the ASM10. Its stats are respectable across the board, but is let down by its poor damage rating. It’s not a bad Assault Rifle, we just reckon there are better options out there, and the BK57 doesn’t excel in any department. It wouldn’t be our first choice Assault Rifle.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range Ancient Runes Perk
48 63 65 60 50 Increases movement speed slightly upon respawning.


The LK24 shares the same problem as the BK57 in that its a respectable weapon but doesn’t excel in any particular area. There are much better options in the Assault Rifle class group.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
45 60 67 60 50


The AK117 is up there with the best in terms of fire rate, but its let down by its low range. If fire rate is your priority, we’d argue you’re better off with an SMG anyway. If you insist on using an Assault Rifle for that teensy bit extra range, this is the option for you.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
50 70 55 60 45

Tier 4 Assault Rifles

Type 25

The Type 25 is our least favourite Assault Rifle. It has best in class fire rate but the lowest range and difficult recoil. It basically wants to be an SMG, but there are way better options in that class type. We recommend skipping this one entirely, and opting for the AK117 if you want an Assault Rifle with a decent fire rate.

Damage Fire Rate Accuracy Mobility Range
55 70 45 60 40

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